Bargain Center


Bargain Center in Chanute, Kansas isn’t your typical Rent To Own store, we want to make leasing furniture, electronics, and appliances easy with our Good News Exchange program. Things change; if an item you’re renting is no longer right for you and your family, return it to Bargain Center and apply all your rental payments to any other item in our store.* Suppose your washer and dryer rental is no longer needed because you move to a home that includes a washer and dryer; just give us a call. Your local Bargain Center in Chanute will pick it up and apply the payments you’ve made to rent a sofa, rent a TV, or whatever else you now want. Even with bad credit, we’re here to help you own the bedroom furniture, dining set, or refrigerator you need; or simply rent it without getting stuck in a contract for something you no longer want.

People in Chanute rent appliances and lease furniture for a variety of reasons – maybe you only need something temporarily, maybe you like to keep up with the freshest furniture styles, maybe you want easy payments. Whatever the reason, when deciding which nearby rental center to choose, remember, at Bargain Center on S. Santa Fe Ave in South Chanute, we’re part of your community and here to serve you.

2280 S. Santa Fe Ave. Chanute, KS 66720