Bridgewood Cabinetry


In 1974, Nu Wa employee Jim Caldwell started a tiny business that he could work on during his spare time. He hired two college students who were in town for the summer and together they built one product: a coffee table whose height could be adjusted to transform into a dining table. It was called the “Hi-Lo table”. Jim had no idea this business would become what it is today. Over the years, the products evolved, and Hi-Lo produced wooden furniture including the convertible tables, chairs, and upholstered furniture such as couches and recliners. In 1990, the Company began producing cabinetry and moved towards solely producing cabinetry in 2009 as the market changed and cabinetry became the Company’s niche market.

Today, Jay and Jeff Caldwell, sons of Jim Caldwell, are the primary owners of Hi-Lo Industries DBA Bridgewood Cabinetry alongside their father. The Company is a high-end semi-custom cabinetry manufacturer with over 930 dealer accounts open across the United States. Bridgewood Cabinetry’s wide array of cabinetry offerings currently includes 22 door styles, 9 different wood types, and various paint and stain colors. In 2023, the Company shipped out over 44,000 cabinets.

908 W. Chestnut, Chanute, KS 66720