K’s Place Restaurant


How does one tell a story about a dream?
The restaurant world has been around for many years, everyone has to eat and have a drink. Our restaurant is in a building that has been around in Chanute, KS since 1884, pretty long time, huh? It’s an amazing building that has natural stone walls, seating for 300 and a patio that has a view of downtown Chanute.

We offer lunch and dinner for all to enjoy. The occasional musical entertainment and venue space for any event. We also have a Bed and Breakfast above the restaurant.

But whom do you ask is this We?

K’s Place stands for Kevan and Kayla. A couple that built a dream of Ms. Kayla’s aka Ms. K.

Kevan was a loan officer at the Bank of Commerce for about 5 years. Kayla has been in the restaurant world since she was 16. She learned how to cook from her grandma, dad and also herself. Kevan and Kayla were friends at first and then their friendship blossomed into something more. After a couple of years, they decided to do something together.

There was a little diner just down the street from K’s Place now. In 2021 it came up for sale, and Kevan knew this was it. He called Kayla and said if you want to make that dream come true then now is the time. He sent her the number of the guy selling the building, Kayla called him that day, shook hands and the deal was done! Kevan of course wasn’t surprised as he knew this has been her dream ever since she learned how to cook. She opened up after a month of cleaning, remodeling, and learning how to make it all happen to open.

After 6 months of running The Neosho, which was the name of the diner that Kayla first opened, Kevan and Kayla decided to go bigger. The building up the street came up for sale and they made it happen together. They built K’s Place together and made it their own. The menu was put together and soon the doors opened, for everyone is Welcome at K’s Place. We opened September 17th, 2021. The restaurant is going strong and definitely is a family business.

5 E. Main, Chanute, KS 66720